Silver screen potential

A few weeks ago, I offered up my story to read to a cinematographer friend, she was interested in seeing if it corresponded to something she was looking to work on. She had already wanted to work on a story of a trans woman so when I was posting on my Facebook profile that I had completed my memoirs and was about to publish, we connected and I sent her the story.

After a couple of weeks, we chatted and she was in love with my story, felt it had good potential as it had a good ending, plenty of ups and downs, a little adventure, drama, tragedy as well as humour. Of course this is a project in its infancy, we haven’t yet begun any work but starting in 2021, she will share her ideas for it and we will work on an overview of the major elements of the story and what can be done for it creatively. It is going to be a incredible ride this coming new year, 2021 is already presenting as exciting and I do hope that you my readers and friends will get the book Breaking Free: 45 Years In The wrong Body, it’s available on Amazon on various countries in ebook and paperback forms.

So encourage a gal who now has stars in her eyes, follow my website, or my Facebook Page and just imagine that you will be among the first to say that you had read my book before the movie.

This is not yet set in stone but from what I understand, it is promising and I am hoping to see this come true.

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