More than just a story

I just re-read my memoirs because it may come to be that it will evolve into a story that is showcased in a different medium. I know I have what is considered completely original true-story and that it already seems to have appeal for a variety of audiences such as female, male and other genders, for those under 25 as well as seniors. the LGBTQ+ communities, those interested in art. Basically I feel it has a wide appeal though R-rated.#Breakingfree is very much about finding oneself, of surmounting the odds, of deep despair and incredible joy and love. #Breakingfree is not only a story of transitioning or a queer story, it’s about walking a path alone in life while being surrounded by family and friends, it’s about holding onto a secret until you can no longer hold it in and it finally burst out from you and there is no going back, it’s of liberation and coming into your own, becoming your true self. I do hope that more than a few of you will be curious enough to pick up my book and read through it, maybe even get in touch with me to let me know your take on it. The Holidays are upon us and this can definitely make for a great stocking stuffer or present ( to you or someone else ) so go get it my friends.

Here is the link

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