Kinkalicious ( excerpt )

Kinkalicious ( excerpt )

In 2009, I participated in a three-day exhibition of my paintings in the context of the 2009 Kinkalicious event. On the first day, my art hung in Toronto’s Northbound Leather Boutique and then at a private Club. 

The event was a fetish weekend of events and a play organized by Lady V. It was a three-day sexuality extravaganza; a series of workshops and parties to celebrate sexuality in all its forms. It was for kinksters to enjoy themselves but was also made so that ‘vanilla folk’ like me could also experience the event.

So yes, it was a play party environment, in part, and I showed up in a corset and a leather mini skirt. Mind you, I was younger and a little more svelte. I wasn’t part of the scene or the community, but rather a curious onlooker who found beauty in the expression of human sexuality and bodies. 

At one point during the party, I had the opportunity of walking around and seeing some interactions between active participants and found the experience to be consensual and based on respect at all times. I truly was having a wonderful time, discovering the world of Kink, the costumes and toys, especially the people.

At one point I was cruised by a muscular black man, then a little later by a young redhead woman about 30 years younger than I. I politely begged off on both but did rest my feet on a young man who was serving as a cushion for a few of us ladies sitting on a couch.

My paintings were up on the walls and it was a treat to be part of such an event. It was empowering and not at all frightening or off-putting. Though I did not actively participate in any kink scenes, I had a wonderful time mingling and enjoying the evenings. The smells, atmosphere, participants and decor, it was all so mesmerizing and the respect shown to all remains with me as proof of how humans can at times be so extraordinarily wonderful. Sweet sweat hung in the air, mixed in with wafts of various other fragrances such as melting candles. 

There were performances as well. I think there was a fashion night at Northbound leather, and then there was the comedy duo, The Wet Spots, who made people laugh as they MC’d Montreal’s very own Dead Doll Dancers. I attended the Fantasy Ball at the Lounge. There was body painting going on which led to a Mardi Gras atmosphere. I met lots of interesting and fun people. My senses were at their height, I was filled with wonderment, amazed by all the beauty and freedom that I witnessed being in that space. I felt no guilt, no shame and absolutely no fear, for once I felt only joy and acceptance, I felt sexy.

My art was on show as well as the photos by Argo, a Montreal based photographer who specialized in erotic photography. This was all in the context of celebrating sexual expression. There were play stations in private rooms, and newcomers could stay in the main areas and just take in all the extraordinary fetish and kink wear, meeting and getting to know new people.

I think it was just after this event that I sold a painting titled Bound in Ecstasy to a wonderful couple who wanted it for their B&B,  which was geared to serve the Kinkster and swing community. One thing I will say is that I felt welcomed and even embraced, at this event. I found that being who I am wasn’t an issue in this type of space. I’m not even sure anyone noticed that I was a woman of transsexual origin. If they did, they certainly didn’t care. 


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