Breaking Free: 45 Years In The Wrong Body is a dive into my life as I recount certain moments and periods while prisoner of a body that was never mine and how I eventually, after innumerable sleepless nights, attempts at escaping from who I knew myself to be from early on, a female trapped in a male’s body. I manage to survive mainly due to my creative mind, my desire to draw and paint to imagine that I would eventually break free from what seemed to be my destiny. You will discover as you read my memoirs how I nearly succumb, how I attempt a last ditch effort by coming out as the woman I am, the depression, the anxiety, fear, loathing that kept following me each and every day until that fateful day I met Dany and how my life changed for the better. The pain, the hurt, the dark moments, recovery from surgeries, the joy and eventual happiness, moving to our home in the country-side, my art and writing my memoirs and why I decided to share my story is all in the book. It’s a coming into one’s own, of surmounting so many barriers both psychological and environmental. This is a book while not lacking in pain and sorrow is also a story of hope and happiness, of staring despair in the face and thinking all is loss to finally finding home and love. Read Breaking Free: 45 Years In The Wrong Body, it’s available on Amazon in many countries in ebook Kindle format as well as in paperback.

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