Analyzing my story, a little.

You all know that when I get started on something, it can get absolutely topsy-turvy. I am breaking down certain elements of my story, attempting to isolate certain parts of it that are either underlying stories be they social, economical or generational and how they juxtapose with trauma and gender identity.The main element is of course my gender identity and how this has been with me from early childhood but there are many other elements worth exploring in the memoirs. One of these is my family’s social, economical, linguistic and religious attachments, even a few connections to historical or at the very least, public events.The trauma wasn’t specific, it was more systemic than that. From poverty and generational welfare dead-ends to bullying, of shame at not being dressed in new clothes for school to the trauma of hiding my terrible secret from everyone for about 45 years and the judgment felt for being an artist and even being of blended mother languages that also had it’s share of problems. It’s safe to say that I mostly felt as if I existed in some void in which anchors were nowhere to be found and my mental state was fragile. Gender dysphoria was my constant companion and so was poverty and my connection to family and many social events were often difficult. The bright ending to my adventure was from meeting and eventually getting married to Dany, the surgery with my coming out and the better, improved artistic creativity that followed. Trauma is life changing, it can kill, maim, mess up and disable and it can also be transformative, even empowering in the end.All of the above and more is in my book, go pick it up on Amazon, it’s well worth the read.

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