Am I a Woman.

How do I know I am a woman since there are those who would push back on who I know myself to be, who would tear me down, lay waste to my very sense of self, all in the name of purity. But they are wrong.

I am a woman and like most women, I am unique in many ways and do not fit neatly into a preconceived mold of femininity or femaleness, of hormone levels, menstrual history, not even of how one is raised. I am a woman full stop.

It is of utmost importance to state that as many other women like me, I am a real woman, fully a real, living, breathing woman. Words and expressions such as genuine, normal, authentic, born female, genetic are but some ways in which you can have a variety of aspects, of ways and manners of understanding of what and how a woman can be, but there is also so much more, like being born with a brain made similar to other women ( females ) during gestation while the rest of the body goes towards a male appearance. The thing is, there’s just no exact version in how one becomes a woman. I followed a path less usual, less travelled, a path that was very lonely but in the end, it was the only path opened to me and I eventually embraced it with all my heart.

Many years ago, I decided to be who I am by going through transition in spite of my fears, my anxieties, my depression and knowledge that I would lose family and friends. I pushed on, not because I am brave or courageous, no no, that had absolutely nothing to do with any of it, I was desperate, I didn’t want to cease to exist and I knew that my end was near if I didn’t act and take the steps to my salvation. I ask no permission, I ask favours or fast tracks to my best life, as a woman. I ask only that I have the same rights and safeties as are afforded my sisters, as well as what is given to all human beings.

Today I love my life because I have embraced who I am, a woman. I reject any attempts to define me within limited parameters fixed in limited views. I do encourage you, everyone, to read my book, and I know that if you do, it will bring a new understanding, a different slant to what it is to be a woman. After you read my book, I think it can change your life, be you a woman like me or if you are simply a curious reader with a desire to explore and learn. It was deeply liberating for me to finally transition into myself after forty-five years in the wrong body, and though I think I will always be, I hope I will, evolving as a human, and that my sense of myself as a woman, will continue to flourish and become more and more of an aging and contented woman who has self-esteem and respect for herself and others.

I was a traveler on a lonely path, I was in the cold ditches of a war with my body and though I did feel like giving up on many occasions, I managed to hold on. It is vital to all women of trans origin to believe in your self-worth and to cherish your uniqueness, be who you are, this life is for you as much as for anyone else. You have genuine, you are, as I am, a woman. This is also applicable to all men of trans origin as well, in fact it should be so for anyone with any issue that has them feeling like outsiders.

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