The other

When I created this painting, I was already sadly aware of the dangers inherent with being a woman of trans origin, not the least was the solitude, the exclusion and othering.I am actually fortunate to have encountered Dany when I did, it saved my life and I have had but privilege ever since, not a whole lot to complain about on a personal level. Yet I can get triggered by what passes as journalism and free speech that seeks to demean and demonize women of trans origin. I have lived through decades of self-loathing, of hiding who I was from all, hating myself for my difference, fearing coming out and being attacked, hated, despised and thrown away as unworthy. The truth of the matter is that we all have worth, from the most terrible among us to the best in terms of humanity. I have come to appreciate my own worth, to know and understand that my worth, my value is not dependent on what anyone else thinks, and I encourage anyone, no matter who and how you are, to embrace your uniqueness because without you the world would be less, diminished.

The Space Between
oil on canvas
36″ x 48″

Read my book Breaking Free: 45 Years In The Wrong Body

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