I wrote my memoirs partly because I saw it as a way to show women like myself as being human, with all this entails. My story is imbued with tragedy and humour, with self-loathing and acceptance, I wanted to share how my mind was able to survive thanks to what I would describe as my creativity which allowed me to often transport myself elsewhere when things got too difficult.I wanted to tell a story of hope and of coming into one’s own with a good measure of happiness and I hope that comes through. Will my memoirs ” Breaking Free: 45 Years In The Wrong Body ” help make this world a little bit safer, a bit more livable for people like me, that’s not something I can answer with any certainty though it is my wish.Women of Trans origin are part of a vulnerable population, small in numbers, often pushed away from ” proper society “, too easily maligned, laughed at, abused and murdered.A few days ago, I received a message here on Facebook from someone who is, from the little I could tell, a trans exclusionary radical feminist ( TERF ). She messaged me to inform me that I am a poor excuse for a human being and that I would do everyone a favour if I disappeared. I immediately blocked her and did not report ( and since deleting her from my messenger, I didn’t keep any record ). It took me a few days to regain a semblance of composure and that article I read about trans women receiving surgery while being incarcerated and all the negative insinuations attached to the article just hit me all at once and I was deeply impacted, it made me worry for my safety, made me fear going out and then I realized that this is what such haters want and I will not give them that satisfaction.My story is now published, people can read it if they wish to be better informed and gain an understanding of women like me. I stand proud because I am me in all my glory and faults. I am real, unique, queer as frack, a feminist, a creative mind, and strong.There is depth to my story, like a deep well filled to it’s brim with all manner of experiences, of ups and downs, of discovery, pain and joy. I would love for you all to get my book, to read it and give me your honest feedback, who knows, maybe one of these days, you will be in a position to say, ” oh I read her book before it became a movie “, at the very least, you will have encouraged my creative output.

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