Happiness after all.

Over the years and with all manner of ups and downs, I have come to think of how I am in terms of being an artist, a woman of trans origin, as vital elements that are at the very core of my identity.I didn’t always embrace who I am, I felt cheated out of a regular person’s existence, that is until I finally realized my uniqueness had its own value, I became whole and more loving towards myself.
Poverty and all the negatives that become attached to it, as well as being of trans origin and then add artist to the mix were quite difficult to deal with but I persisted with intermittent falls, bouts of depression, self-loathing yet always finding a way of dragging myself out of my muck.Happiness depends ultimately on one basic thing, oneself. It’s not obvious or easy, there is no special formula, and I came to be happier only after tripping up, messing up and generally missing the boat on many occasions.
This was my adventure, my story, my truth. I wrote about it all in my book “ Breaking Free: 45 Years In The Wrong Body ” and encourage you to check it out, you don’t need to be trans or queer or an artist in order to understand my story, as it’s one that most people share in some measure and it’s also one not only of survival but of growth and of coming into one’s own and finding happiness. If you know anyone who needs a happy denouement then have them read my book or gift a copy to your Library. Bottom line, I would love to see my memoirs in the hands of as many people as possible.
The U.S

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