Another Trans memoir, maybe not.

I look upon my memoirs as a throwback genre of how women such as myself used to write their memoirs , mainly about childhood and when I knew I was a female in the wrong body, about the transition. Then I read my story and discover that it’s so much more than this, my life, even as it relates to being trans from birth, speak to adventures I’ve had along the way, my memoirs are filled with all manner of events, usually having little to nothing to do with being trans.

I don’t think it’s a negative to speak about transitioning, about how my childhood was a huge ball of confusion until I understood that I was female and my body just didn’t match , it needed up not being confusing, simply different. Being a woman of trans origin is not the same for any one trans woman, for some it very well may be uniquely about their identity and as far as I’m concerned, that is as beautiful as anything can be. When I look at my life and how I evolved, it’s not been what could be understood as conventional, not by any stretch of the imagination but then again, why should it be.

My interest from early on in life has been from the outside looking in, always curious, always shy, famished to see more of what life had to show me. I have had this deep need to explore, discover myself through experiences that brought me to grasp that aside from being of trans origin, I was an artist, I love to draw and paint, I enjoy singing when alone, writing is now a big part of me and finding that I have character, and a desire to engage with others in spite of anxiety and discomfort in crowds.

I am passionate and creative, also moody, probably best expressed as an outgoing introvert. My passion for art begins as a child and has not left me though it has evolved and now my mind creates and plays with writing as well as painting.

Yes, my story is like so many other memoirs of trans women who came before, how could it not be, my whole essence is inextricably attached to being of trans origin. My coming to awareness of being trans, my transition and life since are, to me, aspects of a much richer experience as a human, but my narrative is not solely about the trans part of my life, it’s of being fascinated by archeology, history of travel and adventures, and being a book worm who for most of my younger years had but my own mind with which to figure out the complexities of what I would read.

Attempts, failed ones at being male where at first, numerous ranging from being bossy with siblings to joining martial art clubs, all of which brought me deep to being a depressed individual who was highly functional, always seeming to find a smile. If you read my book “ Breaking Free: 45 Years In The Wrong Body “ which you can find on Amazon, you will see just how intertwined my being trans is tied into me as an artist as well as just someone looking to find happiness and a life that matters. In the end, I think that my story can be helpful to others living similar issues or other difficulties. It’s a real account with both positives and negative moments, clearly personal and I hope, honest. When you get it and read through, please come back and leave your comments, I would really like to read what you think.



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