Trusting my story to my co-writer.

and trusting myself to put it out there.

I first began writing my story because of a need to better understand myself, a bit like I have a habit of doing when working on a painting, I will get up from the easel and back away some ten feet and just relax and look at what I have done and then decide on one thing I really want to change in order to improve upon the painting, I do this throughout and it has served me well.

I mention the above because this is how I ended up getting through writing my memoirs, that and the fact that I was able to come across an extraordinary co-writer ( Dawn Renee Greer ) who is a professional and helped me turn my story into something readable, and the reviews all give it a thumbs up as being a great read. At first it was a little difficult to open up and trust completely but Dawn is just so good as a writer and person that I rapidly was able to freely exchange with them and together, we brought my memoirs to life. My vision was respected, the passion and emotions were embraced and my book came to life.

I am proud of my book, my story, it speaks to a life that could have gone very wrong but somehow I kept bouncing back, surviving and dare I say, flourishing. I truly hope you end up reading my book ” Breaking Free: 45 Years In The wrong Body ” as I think it can be helpful to anyone going through a rough patch be they of trans origin or not. My story is one of challenges as well as one of hope.

I cannot count the times I cried while writing, as I recalled old memories, the pain, despair and yes, happy moments, it all came back to me, sometimes like the gushing of a hydrant, at other times, a trickle of repressed memories barely registering due to the hesitance and fear I had of reliving them. I know, without any doubt, that this story of mine, these memoirs will bring you to an understanding of how it can be for a woman of trans origin to live in a world so aggressively against her very existence. So go pick up your copy, in either e-book or paperback form, read it, share it with loved ones and anyone you think could benefit from it, I think it’s worth the read.

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