Cancel Culture and the Trans Woman.

If your culture’s racist past, it’s xenophobic, sexist, misogynistic, colonizing views and actions are now being called to accountability, it’s not cancel culture, it’s justice for some horrible ways of being and seeing others throughout history. It’s like saying that just because I’m saying enough of your abuse, that I’m cancelling your right to express yourself, well it isn’t.

I am a woman of trans origin, I’m queer and in spite of the fact that I have experienced quite a bit of transphobia over the years,  people of colour and other minorities have endured horrors at the hands of colonizers for centuries, so asking that we examine and open our minds to the harm, the pain visited upon them, and do away with some of it is not canceling anything, it’s simply putting our feet forward and walking into the future, one in which bigotry is no longer acceptable and certainly not a valid point of view, period, full stop.

I think much of the freaking out comes from a sense of privilege, of not being accustomed to being questioned on problematic attitudes towards those who are not exactly like us.

I’ve noticed how socially unacceptable it is for a trans person to exist, just take a look at how many of us are brutally murdered every year, the rate is beyond understanding given the relatively small numbers of trans people worldwide. It’s a systemic issue because we find transphobia deeply imbedded in most societies and cultures, much like racism, misogyny and other forms of bigotry. Calling out bigotry is not cancel culture, not even close, it’s about working towards an evolution of basic human respect for all.

I’m not advocating cancelling friendships or family based on something they say or do, we can be forgiving and loving and yet still call out any and all forms of bigotry. Educating is vital to evolution, communication is equally important since without it we cannot possibly help in bringing everyone to a place in which we can all feel welcome and secure. Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse, and if you find yourself being called out for something hateful, maybe examining the why of it would be helpful to you and ultimately open up your worldview and become a happier person.

I have come to learn that holding on to anger and hatred of those who would disparage me only serves them, not me. I try to call transphobia and other forms of bigotry and hatred based on ignorance and fear since this toxicity is bad for everyone.  Speaking truth to power might sound corny but it’s so much better than just staying on one side of the fence and shouting invectives back and forth. For me I think helping others better understand who and what I am is a positive and hopefully cuts back on hatred and violence.

I am learning a lot from Black Lives matter, in part on how I can be a better ally by listening and implementing what I absorb. This spreads to how I now wish to communicate about myself as a woman of trans origin. For a very long period of my life, I only longed to be what other females were like in my view, and I was terribly wrong.

I am uniquely me, as a woman and all that is attached to my very existence. Today I am proud of being the type of woman I am, I am beautiful, smart, creative and more importantly, I have value as a human being.

Writing my memoirs certainly helped me in realizing my worth and that I can occupy my space and hold space for anyone desiring my help. I do hope my book reaches you and that after you’ve read it, that you find solace and a sense of hope that life is what you make of it, that you can find happiness and love in whichever form they manifest.

Pick up your copy and when you have read it, come back and leave your comments, it will be an honour to read you.

Breaking Free:45 Years In The wrong Body

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