The Space Between ( in progress )

I wanted to explore the ” othering ” of women of trans origins, of trans misogyny, even within queer women’s spaces who promote inclusivity of trans folk. I asked some friends and acquaintances to meet me at a women’s bath house in Toronto, got permission from the owner and proceeded to set up a scene and got someone to take the photo from which I worked on to produce this painting.
It goes as follows, I am sitting aside from the other women, my sisters, physically apart, not by desire but from a sense of irrelevance, of not being a viable female, of not being of interest to other women. I wanted to convey how at least for some women of trans origin, that to speak up could incur condemnation, of being seen as too masculine, too aggressive.
I made sure to include a variety of women or female bodied people, some identified as Lesbian, others as Bisexual and Gender Non-Conforming. Some are middle-aged, others are young women, all seem to get along and are engaged with one another, all except for the woman of trans origin that is. I did not want to sugar coat this sense of being the outsider, of existing in a world often devoid of human warmth and contact. The Space Between is a statement, it is a reality, it is also a fear that inhabits some women like me.

The Space Between
@ Circé
oil on canvas
36″ x 48″
* in progress

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