Working on a new book about my art.

Resumed work on the art book this morning ( title: Circé’s Art: a post transition evolution ), I had walked away from it for a while as I struggled with the issue of how will I ever get to publish something like this in coffee table format without having to fund it out of pocket. I still have no good answer for that issue, I still wish to go ahead with at least having it all done and ready in Google doc form, maybe even see about getting it edited and formatted in due time. Who knows, maybe I get lucky and come across a publisher interested to picking it up. Am presently in the section of the book where I showcase some older art from before transitioning, it’s night and day as far as I’m concerned and gives context to what I’ve been creating since 2001. Since it will also be in both official Canadian languages, there’s more to do but ultimately I think it gains in power and reach. Stay tuned! 8,000 word count to date and some 56 images and still counting.
This new book will be a perfect companion for my memoirs Breaking Free: 45 years in The Wrong Body as it follows my evolution as a woman since transitioning.

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