Second Book on the way!

I am so happy to announce that this second book ” Circé’s Art: a post transition evolution “, different from the first one which is a memoir and yet so intimately attached to it since it is also about my transition and identity as a woman. This time, it will be through my paintings that I document and visually narrate my views and awareness of certain aspects of coming into my own as a woman. The paintings from 2001 onwards speak to my evolution since transitioning, as a woman of trans origin, a queer woman, a feminist woman, in a way I have been documenting that which captures my interest, my heart. In this upcoming book, you will view all of these paintings, you will be introduced to the first ones I created shortly after having transitioned, those were influenced by Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues” and especially from my very own and much loved lady parts. I went on from that vulvae series to playa round with some erotic pieces as my sense of liberty and pride of the female form grew, I felt so liberated, empowered.

I went on to create other series such as those with a feminist message, or the queer women pieces, and let’s not forget the vampiress ones. But I wanted to also show those paintings created before so as to place an emphasis on the very real differences between the pre and post transition existences. The pre transition pieces are mainly of landscapes, portraits, even some of hockey players as I tried to fit in and more importantly hide in plain sight which had been my survival mechanism from early on in life. A small number of the paintings from the past do express certain feelings that when looking at the ensemble of older pieces, seem out of place, those are the ones that betray what I was living on the inside. Overall, I think that showing the body of my art, all of it, represents best that evolution and the contrasts and inner conflicts residing in me for so long.

At this time I ‘m close to done with much of the writing of this book with a couple of tasks left, I will soon get a couple of dozen paintings photographed in order to have the best quality images I can for the book and then there’s still the completion of the last two paintings that are key to the whole story, one being about how a woman of trans origin ( not all and not every trans woman feels the same ) for me, was feeling like an outsider in women’s spaces, even when welcomed or invited. Then the last one is of a woman in a Wonder Woman costume proudly standing outdoors in the midst of a woman’s march holding a sign that say ” Trans Women are Women “. I think that with the above ensemble, my story is narrated from my particular gaze and will add to my memoirs ” Breaking free: 45 Years In The Wrong Body “.

I don’t know where this is going but for me it was a necessary step in my life, one that I hope will help others going through similar issues or feeling like an outsider looking in, I hope it helps elevate and encourage women similar to me, women of trans origin or by any identity one wishes to use, that as dark and scary as things might appear, through bouts of extreme loneliness, depression, anxiety, of being discarded by society, friends and family, that you are in fact valid, you have so much worth and you are loved. More art, more of giving women of trans origin their own voices is pooping up and is a positive sign for us in the future. Who knows where my journey ends, I know I still have much to say and to create, I hope you will follow my adventures and take what you can from it and share with others.

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