New Story in the works!

I started playing around with a story, it’s fiction, more akin, I think, as a crime-drama-supernatural-thriller ( I don’t know, lol ) about a series of gruesome murders that points to some wild animal with a taste for human flesh and who locals blamed on the Loup-Garou ( also known as a werewolf ). The protagonist is an introverted woman of trans origin living up in a mountainous of Quebec called Lanaudière she was raised on such folk tales and decides to solve a more recent string of similar murders that she believes to be the work of a serial killer masking their crime as the work of a wolf or bear.

This comes in part from stories my grandmother would tell me when I visited with her, she loved these tales and though I never could find any facts to back her claim of being part native ( Huron ), it didn’t matter in the end because she was instrumental in opening my mind and creativity. After now writing a memoir and still playing around with a second book which looks at my paintings as they relate to transitioning and how this impacted my gaze and what topics I truly wished to put my focus on. I wasn’t planning on writing anything new, at least not for some time and then as I was thinking of how I used to sit on the carpeted living room floor as my grand mother would tell me stories of witches and other worldly creatures, it came to me, I was going to try and write a different type of story, something that will hopefully capture your attention and imagination, an improbable sleuth with absolutely no training in law enforcement or forensics, with only her immense curiosity and strong sense of observation. She finds that these murders have an uncanny familiarity with legendary folk tales of the Loup-Garou in that these gruesome present day murders parallel the imagery one could envision such a creature might visit upon its prey.

Get ready for a blood curdling trail of horribly mangled bodies as their numbers pile up while local as well as provincial police are at a loss to figure out, in part due to some seeing deaths as a result of wild animal attacks that have been reported. Admittedly, this is terra incognita for me, yet I am drawn to this new adventure and I hope you will come along for the ride.

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