From Paintress to Writer.

So far in this new adventure in writing, I have over the past two years gotten my memoirs completed as well as adding the finishing touches on my art book.This is as I mention, new to me. I expertise, what I have done professionally since the early eighties was drawing and painting though it goes back much further. Over the past few years I began to feel less enthusiastic vis-à-vis painting, felt I had done what I set out to do since 2001 and just needed to explore a different medium. At first I tried taking singing and acoustic guitar lessons and as much as I enjoyed learning some basic skills, I knew I would never perform given my social anxiety so I turned my attention to something I had previously thought of but didn’t trust that i could accomplish, and that was writing.

I wrote all I could, it wasn’t pretty at first but it improved and I got precious help from someone who is now a dear friend, she helped my make my memoirs more readable. Since then I decided to put together a book of my art which chronicles my evolution as a woman since transitioning in 2001 and I’m closing in on being done with this second book.With the experience of those two books, I am in a good place and my desire to push the envelop to see how far I can go as a writer is manifest. I won’t divulge what I’m presently working on but suffice it to say that it’s not a memoir or art book, not even close though I can say this, it will be an exciting roller-coaster of a story and I have no idea how long this third manuscript will take to finish as it’s looking as though it will be lengthly.

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