A Storyteller is Born.

As I take on a new story, not about something as intimate and familiar as a memoir or even a book representing my art but instead I chose fiction, and while I am not ready to go in depth about the plot, I can say that it’s going to be a thriller. The protagonist, a character created out of whole cloth yet with aspects I am close to in that she is queer and a woman of trans origin, everything else about her will have to wait for when the story is published, I just don’t want to ruin the pleasure of reading and discovering all these delicious details for you the reader.

The research into character building, plot development has me feeling febrile, it’s as if I had touched a live electric wire but in this case it’s the creative flow of ideas, concepts, story arc coming to my mind in a flood, a rush and the nervous energy can be a little overwhelming at times. Thankfully up here it’s Spring time and that means getting our garden ready and so outside I went and started picking up, arranging areas of the garden that I will cover over to kill off stubborn weeds and roto tilling others before I get to plant veggies and flowers In June. These are the activities I jump into when I need to calm down from the surcharge of creative energy, I get too excited and fear losing track, so this allows me to put everything into perspective.

Character development is a challenge, I had never attempting this before, it’s an extraordinary feeling and I am enjoying it so much that I nearly feel guilty. I am building up fictitious people with their own backstories, quirks, goals, faults and strengths, some will be more three dimensional than others depending on how vital they are to the story arc, others are more incidental or short lived, but each one important to the whole. As I mentioned, I am enjoying the process even if I have had no formal training as a writer I do apply my knowledge as a professional in the field of drawing and painting as much of it can be transposed to writing. Instead of a sketch, I jot down basic plots and ideas of how I wish the story to end up, in lieu of composition, it’s the story arc, applying texture is now character development, colour becomes the urgency of certain aspects of the story, the action and emotions. I understand writing through eyes of a paintress as well as that of a queer woman and feminist, so this is part of how I process and approach storytelling.

I don’t know how long this will take to complete, I am not on any time constraint but as a reader I know that I will not leave it sit alone for too long, I like you, need to know what comes of the protagonist and antagonist, I absolutely need to know how it ends. Stay tuned for news.

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