Writing my Thriller novel.

After I wrote my memoirs “Breaking Free:45 Years In The Wrong Body”, I wasn’t sure if I would go on to write anything else as I had not really entertained the notion that I was a real writer, but then something changed in me.

People began telling me how what I had written touched them, that they couldn’t put my book down, then I read the reviews of my book on Amazon, I was blown away by the positive comments and I began to feel encouraged, motivated even. I also am playing around with an art book that may see the light of day eventually, I hope it does as it also follows my evolution as a woman and artist since transitioning in 2001.

But now is now, “Breaking Free:45 Years In The Wrong Body” has been picked up by a traditional publisher “Brainspired Publishing” and it will soon be released in bookstores. My heart and mind are basking in happiness, my creative self sees writing as a new and fascinating medium to express more of what I wish to share with the world, and so I make the jump from drawing and painting eyes wide open and filled with a renewed energy, a new sense of adventure.

Stayed tuned as I am presently at work on a thriller, I have no idea how long this will take me, it is my first novel after all heh-heh. I can share this with you though, the story is of how the protagonist, as woman of trans origin, familiar with crime scene investigations and a serious amateur sleuth, puts down her paint brushes to deal with a most brilliant and deadly adversary.This will be a thriller that also places Queer lives to the front, not as sad victims but rather as active and strong members of society. Get ready for something truly unique!

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