Memoir news and new Thriller in the works!

As I excitedly await the release of my memoirs, published through Brainspired Publishing, I began imagining something new to write about, this time I wanted it to be a fiction and so I embarked upon this adventure that is writing a thriller.

My life has been about coming to terms with who i am as a woman of transsexual origin, finding love and working through much of the trauma as well as all the wonders of being Queer. My life has been one of drawing and painting, describing and sharing this inner universe of mine through art that celebrates queer women, feminist topics and some erotica. I have moved on, wishing to explore writing as a medium to share my creativity.

It is my intent to continue with some of the topics near and dear to my mind and heart, only this time in the thriller genre, I can describe and show how a woman of transsexual origin can be the protagonist, the heroine of a thriller and all this might include plus the addition of queer characters and relationships, feminism, and a healthy dose of the erotic.

At the moment, as I keep learning the art of writing, my attention is in developing the antagonist of this thriller and how they will influence the plot of the story and how the protagonist will deal with them. So, I write, write and then write some more, always focused on improving each aspect of writing that I possibly can. To say that I am enjoying the process is to undersell how I’m feeling about it, unless you multiply by some radical exponential equation.

I have my nose buried in about 15 books, some on writing itself, others on the topic I’m writing about, and doing plenty of research on peripheral elements that add to the complexity and beauty of the story. Did I mention that I’m enjoying the process, well I am, more than I could have ever imagine. I feel like a child in a candy store.

I will not venture a prediction as to when this thriller will be complete though I am hoping sooner than later, could be a year from now, could be longer, but I promise you this, I will work at it with all my energy and passion, keeping those of you who follow me here and on Facebook, updates as much as I can.

Lastly, get ready for the big reveal of my memoirs by my publishers at Brainspired Publishing, I know it’s going to rock!

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