Becoming the Writer I Dreamed.

I began write a couple of years ago in regards to my memoirs, but the fact of the matter is that I had been writing for quite some time, usually notes, descriptions for my paintings or putting down memories. I was an artist, a paintress for decades before ever imagining I could really write.
Then, I decided I just had to write my memoirs and I wasn’t sure of myself or my skills, which I admit, were not too professional. So I hired a co-writer of sorts, someone with the necessary skills, who could edit, correct and embellish my often repetitive use of words, sloppy grammar and overall inexperience. The result, I now have my memoirs done, and I am thankful. During this whole period, I participated in the putting together and improvement of my story, more important in my eyes, I observed and picked up so much and began applying this knowledge to new writings.

I am not one to be over confident and through the decades as a visual artist, I continually questioned why I thought I could draw or paint for a damn, of being filled with self-doubt, thinking myself an impostor. I wasn’t but it’s how I felt for reasons I won’t get into here.

Coming to writing holds similar challenges for me, the difference is I am aware of how i am , and decided to go for it. To state how happy this makes me feel is probably beyond my capacity to express. Here’s the thing though, not only am I am writer, granted, without any degrees or formal training, I happen to think I have the imagination and enough of a grasp of the language to make a decent go of this new, to me, field of creativity.

I know I can write about things, situations and events that will resonate and maybe even help people. I also feel I can properly entertain the reader, especially with the thriller I’m presently at work on. This doesn’t mean I’m not making efforts to learn the craft, I am. I have my nose in a few books on writing, I’ve also subscribed to the MasterClass with well know authors in order to better understand the how to’s.

Soon, my memoirs will be release by the good people at Brainspired Publishing, likely at end of June 2021. I hope you will keep following my progress, and process and I move forward on this new and exciting adventure.


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