Queer writer writing!

I am the type of person who tends to think a lot about what I’m doing, in this case, how and why I write. I guess the form I prefer is novel writing, but it’s certainly not anything traditional. Although I function within society’s ideological limits, I bring something different to the table, something queer.As I write my thriller, I understand that even if I am not the first queer author to write a thriller, I am nevertheless unique in my approach. A major aspect of my process is coming at a story from my point of view as a queer woman of trans origin. In addition, I am writing about the greater LGBTQ+ communities as part and parcel of the story.At first, I was unsure if I should write a story in which LGBTQ+ people were victims of a killer. I most certainly didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of all those tropes of deranged Trans murderers who usually ended up dead riddled with bullets. I don’t want to create LGBTQ+ victims whose sole purpose is as throwaway statistics for a “good story.” No, what I wanted to do and what I’m in the process of doing is, having even those victims have their humanity, look into who they were, who they loved, and who loved them.The narrative of my thriller leans on my world-views, on my experiences as a queer woman. All references to everyday life are perceived through my sense, my particular gaze. I am writing fiction about a brave woman who deals with trauma and oppression brought on by systemic misogyny, sexism, and transphobia. So, this story tells of a heroine dealing with personal trauma and discrimination while solving a series of gruesome murders. This will be a case of the “outsider” going up against evil without the luxury of much backup.I am writing after a manner I have been using for a couple of decades as a paintress. Feminism, queer lives, transgressiveness towards the status quo and heteronormativity, speaking as loudly as possible and celebrating our queerness. This being said, I think my thriller will have appeal for cis-heterosexual people, especially if they enjoy a spine-tingling thriller.Writing has become a safe haven for me, and when I’m in writing mode, it’s as if whole new universes open up, and I follow the flow of the story, allowing it to guide me, I ask questions of the characters, of their motives, dreams and fears. So, I think I would be writing no matter my orientation or gender because it goes beyond. There is an aspect of why I am writing that makes me happy, that fills my heart and mind with a sense of fulfillment and purpose. As with my paintings, I am again exploring queerness and specifically women of trans origin basically because I have this strong desire to be part of the trans women writers community and telling complex queer character stories.I started this off with my memoirs “ Breaking Free: 45 Years in the wrong body “, published by Brainspired Publishing. Now, with one book to my credit, I am eager, if not passionate, to put together this thriller that I hope will find readers far and wide and of all corners.

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