Serial Killer Thriller

Ever since I wrote my memoirs “Breaking Free: 45 Years in the wrong body” ( Brainspired Publishing ), I have been itching to write about strong queer women of trans origin in a fictional story, I especially wanted to have this character positively represent the communities from which she hails. I did not want to go along with an heteronormative or male gaze based account of who this woman, the protagonist of the story, was or how she fits in. It is my objective to present this character and the thriller as something different, with a particular slant and filled with all the suspense, action and excitement one who expect from any thriller worthy of the name.

This is a psychological thriller, one inhabited by serial killers, but also one that speaks of Queer heroes, feminism, the empowerment of all women. The usual tropes such as a clear threat, plot twists, characters that I hope you will come to identify with, or for some of them, fear and wish to never encounter in real life. I’m using what I know to write this thriller; locations, culture, the LGBTQ+ communities, and trans bodies.

Be prepared for an action packed thriller, at times cerebral, yet with no lack of physical action, even some romance. I’m still only in the beginning stages of writing this thriller, and I must say that I have fallen heads over heels in love with the main character and if at all possible, she might come back for a second and third installation. So, stay tuned for a serial killer thriller the likes of which have yet to be told, this is my promise to you.

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