In plain Sight, a queer trans woman author!

The Space Between, oil on canvas, 36in. x 48in.

Creating and being unapologetic about being a queer and atheist woman of trans origin is, as with other outsider identities, can be challenging at times, but ultimately, liberating, especially as I age. I choose to be visible, not to shy away from being seen. It’s just the way I am. In some milieu’s, I might be perceived as a throwback of the traditional trans woman, the one into surgeries and passing and adopting hetero-normative habits. However, the truth of it is pretty different. In fact, I am more of a shit disturber than ever, as I embrace who I am, always a woman, a feminist who is queer, and yes, a creative.I don’t feel inadequate about my choices as an artist. Although I created (and continue to) art I wished to share with people, I knew my approach and gaze would rarely be embraced beyond some in the greater LGBTQ+ communities and some beautiful friends and acquaintances. I was and am okay with this position.

Today, having moved towards writing as my means of creating, I can only sit back and appreciate how I have been faithful to myself all along, not always by choice, but maybe inevitably so, not able to hide who I am or skip to what might have been more profitable and popular career choices. All this is to express that I am pretty happy.Now, after my memoirs, I am having the time of my life writing a thriller imbued with my gaze, it’s personal, and I think that anything I write in the future will be as well. As I painted, so will I write! The heart of my future novel(s) is about being queer, of not fitting in, and yet about embracing one’s state of being while finding that place in the world that is home. My thriller is still some way from ready. Yet, I am enthusiastic at its development, and I do promise you, future readers, that if you enjoyed my paintings, then you will be well served with this thriller that is queer, feminist, trans-positive as well as an exciting read that hopefully will keep you turning the pages.

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