Achievable Goals.

I have never been good at setting goals or being exceptionally well organized; one could say that I’m something of a pantser (fly by the seat of your pants type). However, now that I feel more comfortable as a writer and know that I can tell a story, I am setting two goals for myself regarding this thriller I’m working on.

1. I will try to write 500 to 1000 words daily.

2. I want to complete the first draft by the Spring of 2023.

Not the loftiest of goals and I may not even accomplish them perfectly, it doesn’t matter. I felt like setting up these goals to further motivate myself and maybe glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel. Picking goals I feel are achievable is important.
Now I know that I’m something of an ace procrastinator, I think thinking that to motivate me even more, I would set up some sort of reward, a nice bottle of wine, a fun meal, something I can look forward to if I accomplish the goal of writing the set number of words per day, or week.

I will probably modify my goals as I move forward in time. The main thing here is that I plan ahead on a daily or weekly basis.

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