My First Draft!

I am delighted to announce the completion of the first draft of my debut thriller, The Rainbow Killer, a Mary Dubois Thriller.”

This first draft is 77,220 words, that’s 268 pages. It’s not for the faint of heart, as it contains graphic details of mutilated bodies and swearing and is provocative as all hell. I wanted to tell a story in which the protagonist is a queer, trans woman. I populated the story with LGBTQ+ people, and I also had this urge to show how at least in this story arc, how trauma, anxiety and introversion can wreak havoc on a life. And like any dark, rainy day, rainbows can make an appearance.

It’s the story of Mary Dubois, a woman of trans origin, who ran away from a promising future as a profiler when she couldn’t deal with the bullying and transphobia, only to eventually get pulled in on a case with her name on it. Literally.

Now, I want to chill and bask in the joy of completing the story before getting into reviewing and editing. Thank you to everyone who has shown support and goodwill. For me, making it through the process of dreaming up and especially writing this fiction, this thriller, brings me immeasurable joy.

Joelle Circé

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