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Erotic Art

Rope Play / Jeux de Cordes©Circéoil on canvas / huile sur toile 24” x 36” Female sexuality, power exchange, consent. Circé sees such activities as a possible subversive act of lampooning patriarchy. She does not perceive any woman who participate in Kink or BDSM play as non-feminist, but rather sees it all as just another expression of sexuality.  For Circé, there is no shame in consensual sexuality. That the patriarchy may have had a hand in how a woman can be a submissive can hold truth, it should never take away… Read more Erotic Art

Feminist Paintings

Smashing Images© Circé oil on canvas / huile sur toile30in. x 40in.  In this piece I address how for many women, we fight with body image issues, and often deal with self-loathing as a result of being told by the media that there is but one acceptable body type ( airbrushed and photoshopped to the X degree ). It is the breaking of that mirror of how we perceive ourselves, also the not wanting to see our bodies and maybe even the break from all the stereotypes we are constantly being… Read more Feminist Paintings

Excerpt from the French version of my Memoirs.

Longues marches.     Une grande partie de mes souvenirs de jeunesse est entourée d’un brouillard dans mon esprit. Une de ces parties est claire, mais le reste n’est qu’un brouillard de sentiments, de craintes et de perspectives dépressives. Peut-être qu’il s’agit de la façon qu’a l’esprit de lâcher prise des choses qui ne nous servent plus, ou peut-être qu’est-ce juste les effets normaux de devenir une vieille femme ?      Pour moi, c’est douloureux  de penser à moi en tant qu’enfant, adolescente et adulte avant la transition.Cela impliquait de penser… Read more Excerpt from the French version of my Memoirs.